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 Backstage Pass feedback thread

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Backstage Pass feedback thread Empty
PostSubject: Backstage Pass feedback thread   Backstage Pass feedback thread EmptySun Jun 29, 2014 6:37 am

I noticed there is no feedback thread for Backstage pass, so here it is.

I bought the Beta version from steam yesterday^_^, which reminds me, what is the code thing on the front of the sight? And how do I fill it it if it was bought as a gift?

I really like these games and I'm really glad someone is making them, I have played through several hours but have to restart because I have missed Mathew's events T.T

So, my feedback.


It is beautifully designed, Mathew is...and John is...

The characters are well written, Mathew is so sweet and I feel so sorry for him and John is genius, very engaging and realistic and the story is very good, it is engaging and not awkward, cheesy or brash.

The dialogue is very good and well written.

Sian is a likable character and easily identifiable with. Sometimes in these sorts of games the lead character can be irritating, although in truth I think it is better to have no lead character and allow the player to immerse themselves in the game as leads.

Only three so far

The intro was too long, I got frustrated waiting for the game to start

There needs to be more to do, you spend most of your time clicking through dialogue, there needs to be more options in dialogue and choices and more paths to follow for all the characters but I sense there is more to come?

There are enough clothes but the season thing is kinda annoying  Shocked 

There needs to be more events, the things to do with the boys really drys up after a while with just visiting the arcade and cafe to the tune of the same convo.

It is only a suggestion and I don't know if it is possible at this stage but it would be great if the dates where more complicated, you could gift them and certain answers you give to things they say influence how well it goes.

That's it, I will update my feedback if it grows or changes.

Oh, the game could do with tutorial to the impact of stats on the game.

I have to say though I really love the game ^__^
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Backstage Pass feedback thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Backstage Pass feedback thread   Backstage Pass feedback thread EmptyThu Jul 10, 2014 7:28 pm

Early views after a few hours of playing it on steam:

I actually love how it feels less like a stat-building game even though it still is?
There's so many story events and character dialogue that it doesn't feel like you're spending most of the game watching your character study, for example?

And oddly enough, this is where I know I'm really weird -
Part of me really wishes the photographer was romanceable as like a secret surprise / heavy friendship with hints it could turn into a thing, because I'm weird and I thought the photographer's personality was interesting. I hope I get to learn more about him as the story goes, but I realize he's sort of a "minor" character compared to many others in the cast.

I actually want to learn about most of the minor characters shown to me so far, which is also a huge credit to the game in my opinion, since most games of this nature don't really have a cast that feels 'full' enough for me to care, and I really love games that don't feel like I'm playing just to find out who I can smooch. My favorite part of games like this is seeing how the story plays out.
So, a few hours into the game, I think it's great and I look forward to trying to see all the endings!
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Backstage Pass feedback thread
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