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 For sake-bento

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PostSubject: For sake-bento   For sake-bento EmptyMon Mar 03, 2014 1:02 am

"I can relive the dying moments of any corpse I touch"
"Everybody is running away from something in this world"
"Also try not to die....It would be a problem"
Well these three lines explain the plot in a suspicious manner.......Do they? Well I was a normal writer who had never written for a VN until I had stumbled upon the first 3 games in Sakevisual's Green Tea Line. Jisei, Kansei and Yousei. Well it was a normal day for this extremely bored writer who was surfing LSF. That writer was never eagerly waiting for the release of anything. Then suddenly that writer had fallen into the LSF thread of one of the admins, sake-bento. That writer read the plot on the thread and decided to give the demo a go and after that she was never the same. She loved the demo so much that she bought the game immediately and then at the end of the first case, she was desperate. She waited for a long time and then finally came Kansei,  the second turn and at the end of the case, again desperation. Then out came Yousei, the third investigation and she was so glued to these games, that she never had a look at the clock, it was 12 AM! After the end of Yousei, she was bored, then she tried other sakevisual games and voilà! She loved them all! Now she eagerly waits for the release of Backstage Pass!
I thoroughly enjoyed all the releases for these series. The plot was interesting and there was a lot of information to dig. Some of the endings were serious and some were sad but each one of them held a secret. Thank you for making these amazing games! The characters were cute (especially Li Mei) and the twins were my favorite so far. As your plot takes a twist, I hope that there will be more adventure and mystery in the next -sei. I look forward to Sakevisual's new games Backstage Pass, Oneiro, Every Sunrise, Swan's Melody and of course the next -sei. Keep up the good work! As a writer, I really really want to say is that you are my superior and I aspire to be like you sake-senpai! I wish that there would be a day when we work together!
With lots of love,
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For sake-bento
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